M.C. ESCHER, Icosaëder, 1963 [Verblifa tin box]

M.C. ESCHER, Icosaëder [Icosahedron], 1963
12,5 x 12,5 x 12,5 cm
printed tin box with embossed relief
edition 7100
published by Verblifa / Vereenigde Blikfabrieken, Krommenie; on behalf of its 75th anniversary
not available

Originally M.C. Escher was not interested in a commission to make a tin box. Nevertheless a delegation of Verblifa convinced the artist eventually by showing a box called Koh-I-Noor once designed in 1955 for the Verkade chocolate factory, i.e. a Icosahedron, a geometrical shape with twenty sides. He got fascinated by this object and invented a way for having the box industrially produced by Verblifa.
The tin was produced in an edition of 6.800 and an additional 300 tins were produced to replace any defects.

Drawing of the invention for the production of the box by M.C. Escher displaying lid, hull and bottom.

Employees during the production of the icosahedron shaped tin boxes in Krommenie 1963.

History of prices.
Venduehuis, The Hague, Netherlands € 2.800,- 29 April 2021 (hammer price)
Auction house Christie’s, Amsterdam € 395,- / US$ 456.- / Dfl. 865,- December 1998
Auction house Vendue Huis, Den Haag € 800,- / US$ 1,060.- August 2013
New Art Editions US$ 1,425.- / € 1.075,- September 2014