DAN GRAHAM, Fish Pond / Swimming Pool, 2012

DAN GRAHAM, Fish Pond / Swimming Pool, 2012
22″ x 40″
digital print
signed, numbered, edition 108, of which 30 in portfolio with six prints
part of Vera List Anniversary Print Portfolio
published by Lincoln Center, MIT and Vera List Center
not available

Dan Graham’s Fish Pond/Swimming Pool reveals his fascination with reflection and perception. His plans for a partitioned fish pond-cum-swimming pool illustrate a bi-species participatory art experience, as both fish and humans move within the same environment. Guided by an interest in perspective, Dan Graham creates works that explore the activities of voyeurism and spectatorship through the artistic medium of architecture.

History of price:
Lincoln Center, MIT and Vera List Center US$ 750.- December 2012 (year of issue)

DAN GRAHAM, paper shopping bag, 2001

DAN GRAHAM, paper shopping bag, 2001
49 x 40,5 cm / 19 x 15 inches
paper bag, offset print
edition 1000 of which 29 signed
published by Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
Ref. Art Metropole shop, Toronto, Canada
€ 540,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.DGra 603-pr


This is a large white paper shopping bag with a text work from March 31, 1966.

Dan Graham signed 29 copies for Art Metropole, apparently he also signed a limited number for different institutions. Nevertheless it is remarkable that this 1960’s text has been authorized again by his hand written signature on this small edition. Conceptual art created space for gigantic encompassing ideas compressed into a little text. Here a characteristic example of Conceptual art zooms in from macro to micro.

History of prices:

Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada CD$ 500.- February 2022
Bernaerts Auctioneers, Antwerp, Belgium € 400,- 12 October 2017 (hammer price)
Art Metropole, Toronta, Canada CD$ 150.- August 2014
Fine Arts, New York, USA US$ 450.- May 2013
DR Books CD$ 150.- March 2005


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