BEA McMAHON, Jesus and chlorophyll, 2012

BEA McMAHON, Jesus and chlorophyll, 2012
21 x 18 cm
SC, 46 pp., stapled, digital printing, screen print, paper collage on cover, incl. loose text page
edition 40
signed, numbered
published by Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
splendid condition
inv.BMcM 1022


This book edition contains 18 pages text by curator Maeve Connolly about the works of Bea McMahon, the other pages – 28 in total – are obviously pages that could fit into an artist’s book. This makes the edition into a hybrid book, i.e. partly catalogue, partly artist’s book.

BEA McMAHON, Bracket, 2011 [booklet]

BEA McMAHON, Bracket, 2011
20,7 x 14,4 cm
SC, stapled, 20 pp.
published by FTI-Io, London, England
splendid condition
inv.BMcM 1021

“Bracket” is about a choreography for cats that comes in from the right and leaves the stage at the left. The second Act is executed the other way around. The structure of this choreography is apparently based on angle brackets often used in mathematics, denoting some form of grouping.