MIKE MILLS, The Fabric of Events, 2013 [The Thing Quarterly, issue 18]


MIKE MILLS, The Fabric of Events, 2013
20,9 x 13,3 cm
pocketbook, unpaginated, ill., cardboard box
issue 18
published by The Thing Quarterly, San Francisco, USA
inv.MMil 000-pr

The Thing Quarterly is ‘a magazine in the form of an object’, sometimes being a book. The artist’s book The Fabric of Events of Mike Mills is a compilation of factual stories on social and political issues published in newspapers and other media. Ultra short stories about a catched wild bear in the 19th century, Sammy Davis Jr. staying in the White House, an Iraqi shoe thrown at U.S. President George W. Bush, etc. The idea of reconstructing historical moments by describing an event creates the fabric of events.
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