NAVID NUUR, Let us meet inside you, 2009


NAVID NUUR, Let us meet inside you, 2009
24 x 5,8 x 5,8 cm
silver foil sticker, bottle with water from artist’s studio
edition unlimited

‘Let us meet inside you’ (2006-2009) is a work which Navid Nuur redeveloped for his solo exhibition “The Value of the Void” at the Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany in 2009. The work originally consisted of a water dispenser, where a notebook was attached to a water tank by a belt of the artist. In the notebook the words ‘let us meet inside you’ were written. While looking through the water tank the words could be espied by the viewer. In Kassel this re-staged work consisted of a wall of crates composed of 7000 water bottles. In this case these were filled with Kassel water coming out of a tap which from Navid Nuur’s studio.