ROB SCHOLTE, untitled, not dated [2 cards]

ROB SCHOLTE, untitled, not dated
14,7 x 10,4 cm / 15 x 11 cm
digital print on Soft Textured Natural White Etching Paper Surface
2 cards
published by the artist / Rob Scholte Museum, Den Helder, Netherlands
inv.RSch 000-pr

These digital printed cards based on paintings of Piet Mondriaan slightly vary in size due to hand cut paper. The card on the left depicts a painting of Rob Scholte called “Mondriaan Revisited (New York Boogie Woogie)”, the card showing a painting on the right is called “Mondriaan Revisited 2”.

WALTER DAHN, signed label for “Crowns”, 1989 [woolen carpet]

WALTER DAHN, label with signature, 1989
19,8 x 9,6 cm
signed and numbered label issued for being sewn under woolen carpet “Crowns”
edition 6
produced by Equator Production, Brussels, Belgium
Private collection, Amsterdam
Margin Scheme
inv.WDah 718-pr

This label with signature (1989) was signed and numbered for being sewn under woolen carpet “Crowns” (200 x 300 cm) that was issued in an edition of 6. Each carpet was made on a command-selling base. It is unknown whether all copies have been produced.

In a group exhibition called They See The Light at Galerie van Gelder (11 – 27 August 1991), another hand knotted carpet ‘Two Crowns’ (200 x 200 cm) of Walter Dahn was shown, together with carpets by Milan Kunc, Rosemarie Trockel, Peter Nagy, Rob Scholte, Joseph Kosuth, Donald Baechler, Mark Dagley, Guillaume Bijl and Jiri Georg Dokoupil.

ROB SCHOLTE, De Angst!, 2004 [jigsaw puzzle, signed]

ROB SCHOLTE, De Angst!, 2004
22,3 x 22,3 cm (18,3 x 18,3)
jigsaw puzzle, glued on cardboard as issued
signed, dated
edition unknown
condition: splendid
very rare
inv.RSch 000-pr

It is not clear whether the image is a cartoon, as almost all medieval etchings show the Dutch-Belgian lion looking to the right. The lion on Rob Scholte’s puzzle looks to the left with the shield mirrored, engraved with “Erich Wichman”. The names of the towns and rivers on the map stayed readable. Is the lion’s gaze pointing back towards an opposite direction?

Erich Wichmann joined the Amsterdam city council in 1921 as co-founder with his Rapaille Party ‘Had-je-me-maar’. The puzzle is above all a tribute to contrariness in general and not so much to Wichmann’s sympathies for fascism at the end of his life. He was a Dutch artist, eccentric, anti-parliamentary troublemaker and anti-bourgeois writer. His paintings (on display in, among others, the Centraal Museum, Utrecht) are not without merit as such.

“Begin jaren 90 heeft Scholte De Angst! als jigsaw-puzzle doen uitgeven, waarvan dit een exemplaar is. De oplage is onbekend, maar de uitgave is uiterst zeldzaam. Door Scholte achterop getiteld, gedateerd (2004) en gesigneerd. Ref. De Angst ! text in Dutch; Rob Scholte Museum, Den Helder, Netherlands


ROB SCHOLTE, Nu met gratis doek van Rob Scholte, ca 1997


ROB SCHOLTE, Nu met gratis doek van Rob Scholte, ca 1997
27,5 x 9,3 x 5,5 cm
Glassex Ultra-Action pistol, flex print on cloth, sealed as issued
signed in print
limited edition unknown
inv.RSchol-pr 307

Rob Scholte is being looked at as the enfent terrible in the Dutch art scene. Appropriation of a polka dot, a Monopoly game or a Philips logo it is all in the game of making the notion copyright into a dispute. Here with ‘Nu met gratis “piece of fabric” van Rob Scholte’/’Now with free canvas of Rob Scholte’ he alludes to giving away a canvas to the buyer of a commodity item.
Next to a yellow spray cap there is a blue spray cap version called Glassex Multi-Action and a re-fill flask, both including a cloth with signature in print.




ROB SCHOLTE, Mens erger je niet! / Ne l’en fais pas!, 1988

ROB SCHOLTE, Mens erger je niet! / Ne l’en fais pas!, 1988
300 x 200 cm
hand knotted carpet with white tassels
signed, numbered and dated on linen cloth
edition 15
published by Equador Production, Brussels, Belgium
€ 9.500,-
inv.RSchol 394-pr



Installation of this carpet (version with black tassels) at Ranbir Singh/Petra Grunert’s home in Brussels, Belgium, in 1990