TARYN SIMON, Paperwork and the Will of Capital, 2016 [artist’s book / catalogue]


TARYN SIMON, Paperwork and the Will of Capital, 2016
34,3 x 26,5 x 2,1 cm
1.8 kilograms
catalogue – artist book
condition: pristine
signed, dated for the occasion of her exhibition in Gagosian Gallery, New York
€ 1.200,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail


This book is half catalogue (authors write inside the book) and half artist’s book (the artist uses the book form as a means of expression).

At signings of political accords, contracts, treaties, and decrees powerful men flank floral centerpieces curated to convey the importance of the signatories and represented institutions, apparently. Taryn Simon dryly described each event and photographed the flower arrangements from archival images; she studied and collected these flowers. Then dried and pressed these as herbarium specimens. This sumptuous and yet visual book bears witness to an elaborate and intriguing relation between theatrical singings of politicians and the showing off of flower arrangements.

History of price:
AB Books, Ferndale (NY), USA US$ 1,350.58 August 2021 (unsigned)
Photobooknut Books, Jackson Heights (NY), USA US$ 499.95 August 2021 (unsigned)