HANNES VAN ES, Clear view on several black stains, 1987 [installation photo]

HANNES VAN ES, Clear view on several black stains, 1987
17,7 x 24 cm
analogue press photo
Foto: P. Houcmant

This black and white photo was taken of an installation Hannes van Es made as part of his solo exhibition at Galerie van Gelder ‘Werken op papier: 1982 – 1987’. For the first time he used four Vanes acrylic paint cans as weights, placed at the corners of a paper floor work that he had covered with blobs of black Vanes paint. The latter was specifically made by a Spanish company for the purpose of his thick layered paintings.

HANNES VAN ES, portrait 1986 [photo print]

HANNES VAN ES, portrait 1986
17,9 x 12,7 cm
colour photo print
photo: K. van Gelder

After his works had been installed in GvG (notice the dusty knees of his trousers) on Saturday 10 June 1986 Hannes van Es requested me to take a picture of him under a sculpture named “Vehicle” (1986), made of iroko wood, ivory, gold, silver, resina and lava granite. A small sterling silver crown above the artist’s head was the basic idea of having this photo taken. KvG

HANNES VAN ES, Selfportrait, 1973 [black and white photo]

HANNES VAN ES, Selfportrait, 1973
23,8 x 17,6 cm
unique vintage photo print
title and year hand written by artist
condition poor; pin holes at four corners, dog’s ears, stains, although splendid condition of print itself
Private collection, Amsterdam
ask for details
inv.HvE 1141-pr


Hannes van Es entitled this photograph as a ‘Selfportrait 1973’ written in the artist’s handwriting. At the back side an ink stamped address shows the name C.W. van Vlijmen, who married ceramist Lies Ram on 27 augustus 1959. Further details about the photographer have not been found.

HANNES VAN ES, Confrontated, In Crisis and Portraits, 1971 [unique photo works]


HANNES VAN ES, Confrontated, In Crisis and Portraits, 1971
A4, 5 parts
black & white photos in original frames
signed, dated, number 1/8, unique
planned edition 8 of which only this unique series came into production
published by Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
€ 3.400,-

In the early seventies the artists Hannes van Es and Louwrien Wijers lived on a boat. Both artists were only influenced by their time of hippie dom and alternative ways of living together. In their case they were specifically inspired by Ben d’Armagnac and Ger Dekker. The individual titles of this series of photos are “hannes van es confrontated” [sic], “louwrien wijers in crisis”, “louwrien wijers in crisis”, “portrait of louwrien wijers” and “portrait of hannes van es”.