LOUISE LAWLER, Pollyanna (adjusted to fit, distorted for the times, more) 2007/ 2008/2012/2018, 2018 [digital photo print]

LOUISE LAWLER, Pollyanna (adjusted to fit, distorted for the times, more) 2007/ 2008/2012/2018, 2018
59,4 x 84 cm
a digital print on semi-gloss paper
hand stamped and numbered edition 30 + 10 AP
published by More Publishers, Brussels, Belgium
inv.LLaw 000-pr

Added information
This image was originally shown as a photo print in 2007 for the first time. After that at various venues this print was adapted to different sizes of walls. Below an example of how this image was distorted in such a way that it fitted on a wall in the MoMA in New York, USA. For the More Publishers print the Louise Lawler adjusted it to the given paper size.

RICHARD PRINCE, Greeting Cards, 2011 [3 cards, signed]

RICHARD PRINCE, Greeting Cards, 2011
each 15,9 x 21,6 cm
set of 3 foil-stamped prints on heavy wove paper, envelope
edition 100, here nr 59/100
each card signed, numbered
published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin, Germany
book sealed as published, comes with original wrapping
set of cards € 3.000,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.RPri 000


History of prices:
Amazon.com November 2023 US$ 3,650.-
eBay-thearteryfinearts, Miami FL, USA November 2023 US$ 2,722 (single card)
1st Dibs, New York, USA November 2023 € 10.702,-
eBay-thearteryfinearts, Miami FL, USA December 2022 US$ 1,750 (single card)
ArtSpace / AB Projects, New York, USA October 2022 € 5.010,-
New Art Editions, The Hague, Netherlands October 2022 € 1.000,- (single card)
Baldwin Projects, London, UK October 2022 GBP 1,500.- (single card)
Phillips, London, UK 21 October 2021 € 1.117,- (hammer price)
Kunstveiling.nl-marylin_de, Germany 21 March 2019 € 900,- (hammer price)
Phillips, London, UK 12 June 2014 € 1.239,- (hammer price)

LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023 [edition CUT magazine about art]

LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023
ca 40 x 17 x 2 cm
plastic, thread, tea bag, 2 stickers
including CUT magazine about art, issue 26
edition 34
signed, dated, numbered
published by Cut Magazine about art, Amsterdam
€ 150,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace registred EU mail
inv.LMcD 000

For CUT magazine about art Lee McDonald made the above edition, all handmade. He seldom makes a work that is not tested by himself. Here, the owner of the multiple may test the parachute by dipping the tea bag in a glass of warm water to give it a bit of weight before throwing it into the air to see what happens. This means that basically 34 tests could be run by the owners, hence its title “Fragmented Test 2645”.

SARAH LUCAS, “Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette”, 2009 [ set of 3 mugs]

“Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette”, 2009
9.3 x 11 x 8 cm
ceramic, set of 3 mugs
extremely rare
published by Other Criteria. London, UK
€ 620,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.SLuc 364-pr


The titles “Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette” come from Other Criteria’s order site in 2009.

Other Criteria, an arts-based publishing company founded by Damien Hirst, opened its first retail location at 458 Broome Street, New York on May 6th 2014. The shop in London closed down in 2016.

AERNOUT MIK, Voorwerp, achter te laten in treinen, 1992 [cassette, photograph]

AERNOUT MIK, Voorwerp, achter te laten in treinen, 1992
7 x 11 x 1,5 cm
sound tape, cassette, photograph
signed, dated
series of 10 unique works
published by the artist
Collection K. van Gelder, Amsterdam
inv.AMik 000-pr

“Miks beelden zijn vaak nogal hermetisch waardoor ze iets zelfingenomens krijgen, maar bij dit werk is dat minder het geval. Op en onder een tafel staan een groot aantal voorwerpen: een enorm blik tonijn, een glazen potje met afgeknipte nagels, een papieren zak met een blikje Budweiser-bier. De titel maakt dat je het beeld gemakkelijk voor je ziet: het nagelpotje staande op het koffieplankje naast het raam – wie zou dat hebben achtergelaten en waarom? De groene legertas vol flessen azijn tegenover je op de lege bank in de trein naar Schiphol.” Hans den Hartog Jager, ‘De Utrechtse School’, NRC Handelsblad, 14 februari 1997.

MONIEK TOEBOSCH, 15 minuten solozang, invitation, 1977 [invite Other Books and So, Amsterdam]

MONIEK TOEBOSCH, 15 minuten solozang, invitation, 1977
29.7 x 21 cm
stenciled print, 2 handmade ink stamps
published by Other Books and So, Amsterdam
condition: good, although yellowed due to non-acid free paper quality
Added: newspaper clipping Het Parool, 1 juni 1983
inv.UCar 000-pr

On the occasion of the new space at Herengracht 259, an exhibition with posters/flyers of Allen Kaprow and an exhibition of Tom Ockerse Editions took place simultaneously. Ulises Carrión was quite proud he got hold on a more than decent amount of printed matter related to Allen Kaprow.

MARCEL BROODTHAERS, Musée d’Art Moderne à Vendre 1970-1971 pour cause de faillite, 1971 [printed matter]

MARCEL BROODTHAERS, Musée d’Art Moderne à Vendre 1970-1971 pour cause de faillite, 1971
45 x 31,7 cm
SC, Lümbeck binding
pages in catalogue
edition 15.000
19 editioned dust couvers, signed, numbered (here unsigned, not numbered)
condition: couver used, inside very good
published by Verein Progressiver Deutscher Kunsthändler, Cologne, Germany
€ 220,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.MBro 103

Sometimes publications hide works of renown artists. The page of Michael Werner Galerie announces the selling of the Museum of Modern Art Marcel Broodthaers founded in 1968. He designed this page and nineteen signed dust couvers were wrapped around the Cologne art fair catalogue.
The same catalogue contains an advertisement of Wide White Space Gallery shows 24 couvers of publications, a page called ‘Ma Collection’ (trans. “My Collection”) specially designed for the occasion by Marcel Broodthaers.

Marcel Broodthaers – Michael Werner Galerie

Marcel Broodthaers – Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp

Richard Long – Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf

Zero – Galerie Ursula Lichter, Frankfurt am Main

Jan Dibbets – Video Galerie Gerry Schum, Düsseldorf

HANS KOETSIER, Advertisements 1969-1981, 1984 [artist’s book + 16 newspaper prints]

HANS KOETSIER, Advertisements 1969-1981, 1984
60 x 46,4 x 2,5 cm
HC, offset, 93 plates (186 pp.), linen bound with bolts, ca 11 kgs.
rare in this condition
published by Staatsuitgeverij, Den Haag, Netherlands
added: 16 full page Vrij Nederland newspaper advertisements, vintage
extremely rare
€ 1.250,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.HKoe 000

Hans Koetsier initially worked in advertising and started painting in 1962. He painted figures and fragments of these and incorporated them into serigraphs. At the end of the sixties, he made his first blobby balloon-like sculptures and gradually the idea became more and more important. He developed into a conceptual artist with always a soft spot for typography and ideas written down as ideas. Director of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Wim Beeren suggested to him to advertise and in 1969 he placed his first series of advertisements with texts in national newspapers Het Parool, NRC Handelsblad, Art Forum (USA), Kunst (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) Studio International (UK) and on the front page of Dutch weekly magazine Vrij Nederland under the title ‘Random Art / Probability Art’.

Hans Koetsier has never shared his ideas within the Fluxus or Provo movement. Yet the fact cannot be denied that he had comparable autonomous thinking and acting. In the Netherlands Koetsier became known for unusual high-profile plans. For example, he once suggested establishing a national holiday, the ‘Day of Inspiration’, starting on Whit Monday 1980. The Dutch Prime Minister Van Agt was against the idea, because it would suggest that in the Netherlands there was a “fairly general lethargy”, which he said was not the case.
In Friesland, which according to Koetsier would be the last oasis left in the middle of industrialization, Koetsier wanted to build a watchtower in a place where the view around would still be intact.

Hans Koetsier became best known for placing advertisements in weekly magazine Vrij Nederland, which, in addition to short-sighted texts, often had an algebraic or enigmatic appearance.
KvG June 2023


Added: 16 newspaper pages

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 15 April 1978

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, February 1974

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 10 February 1973

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 2 February 1974

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 15 February 1975

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 31 December 1975