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May 122017
WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 1992 [color book]

WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 1992 33,9 x 25 cm offset, stapled color book signed, numbered, dated edition 200 published by the artist   This edition was never completed; circa 50 copies were made. Here a used copy with sticker residues is shown. The prints and paintings […]

Jul 222012
WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 2012 [7 prints]

WJM KOK Maxi-Color (Ice Cream), 2012 various sizes, 7 parts, framed print on paper unique series of 36 Collection Utrechts Medisch Centrum, Utrecht, Netherlands published by the artist                             € 3.000,-   […]

Jan 062000
WJM KOK, Aluchrome, 2000

WJM KOK, Aluchrome, 2000 ca 33 x 27 cm aluminum foil in cardboard box with holder, gloves, screws, screw rings, instruction sheet series of 24, here “Serial number: 136355054”