PIETER LAURENS MOL, This paper is yours, this is mine, 1974


PIETER LAURENS MOL, This paper is yours, this     is mine, 1974
43 x 29,5 cm / 30 x 4,2 cm (diameter)
punched sheet of thin paper (40 gr/m2), cardboard tube, printed texts in letterpress
edition unknown
published by the artist
condition: aged paper and cardboard, small crumpling on vertical edges
not available anymore

In the early seventies Pieter Laurens Mol was an outspoken protagonist of Concrete Poetry. Twisted Dutch sayings like ‘De vloer met jezelf aanvegen’ [meaning: instead of walk over someone… walking over oneself] were visualized into a print or photo. Or the six letters of the word POETRY were cast in concrete and hold together by a rope.

SOL LEWITT, Incomplete Open Cubes, 1974

SOL LEWITT, Incomplete Open Cubes, 1974
20,5 x 20,5 cm
artists book, offset, SC, 264 pp. (not paginated), 253 black & white illustrations
1st print
published by John Weber Gallery, New York 1974
used, nevertheless in very good condition
€ 680,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace EU registered mail


Published in conjunction with a 1974 John Weber Gallery exhibition, “Incomplete Open Cubes” is Sol LeWitt’s typically rigorous artist’s book that delineates each of the permutations of three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven part open cube sculpture and drawings.

MAN RAY, Cadeau, 1974

MAN RAY, Cadeau, 1974
16,5 x 10,2 x 9,5 cm
cast iron, copper nails, plastic card certificate
signed with initials, numbered
edition 5000
published by Luciano Anselmino, Turin, Italy

Conceived in 1921 and published in 1974 by founder Luciano Anselmino, Turin in Italy.

Signed on a twice folded card with information about this object, accompanied by a small card bearing the number of the multiple and signed with initials.

When it comes to added certificate card, original wrapping etc. in the market, there is a variety of items that go with this edition from 1974.

PIETER LAURENS MOL, Middelpuntvliedend – middelpuntzoekend, 1973

PIETER LAURENS MOL, Middelpuntvliedend – middelpuntzoekend, 1973
4,2 x 11 x 8,7 cm
marble stone, rope, text on label on inner part of lid, wooden box with label on outer part of lid
signed, numbered
edition 15
Collection Thora K. Johansen, Amsterdam

The work of Pieter Laurens Mol is interweaved with balance and inertia, next to facts from astronomy and history put in a constructed form of poetic (often Latin) language and images. In this sculpture, as the artist names it, references are made to his own history, namely his childhood; one of his other themes. The label on the inside reads:

Een beeld uit mijn kinderjaren of het verband tussen beweging, afstand en snelheid. Er zijn 3 elementen:
de beeldhouwer, een stuk touw als gereedschap en het materiaal, de steen.

De steen wordt aan het touw vertikaal voor je uit geslingerd zodat hij een cirkel beschrijft. Dan wordt de hand met een snelle stoot naar voren bewogen waardoor het touw zich om de pols windt. De steen zoekt in een spiraalvormige versnelling het midden en belandt tegen de pols. Het beeld is statisch.

MARIA LASSNIG, Animation, 1973

MARIA LASSNIG, Animation, 1973
29 x 21 cm
plastic transparent cover, ring binding
6 pp. with individual animation drawings
published by Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
splendid condition; hardly aged
extremely rare
€ 500,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv. MLas 544


Maureen Furniss: ‘Maria Lassnig’s animation is consistent with the larger body of feminist production appearing internationally, beginning just when she was creating her early work – focussing on domestic spaces and literally giving an authentic face to female experience.’

During the seventies Maria Lassnig produced her own films Encounter (1970), Chairs (1970), Shapes (1972), Palmistry (1974) a.o. These works refer to observations of the body or what she called the ‘bodily consciousness’. The latter is typically shown on the pages of this remarkable artist’s book.

The artist’s book ‘Animation’ contains 6 images related to animation techniques, incl. one page with an artist’s biography.

  page 2

  page 3

History of price:
Antiquariat Uebue, Zurich, Switzerland November 2023 € 533,-

Lesbian Dream Press, 1971


Lesbian Dream Press, 1971
ca 24,5 x 17 cm
12 pp.,
paper collage, typed written texts on cover; recto and verso, book block of empty pages
edition unknown.
Published by Jón Gunnar Árnason, Reykjavik, Iceland
inv.SG 000-pr


This issue number 6 was handed out to Sigurdur Gudmundsson with machine types instructions on the back of the cover on how to participate with a contribution to the magazine. A handwritten text reads: Þessi bók er fyrir Sig Gu∂mundson (trans. ‘This book is for Sig Gudmundsson’).



30,5 x 30,5 cm
stapled book
note: signed in print
edition 1200
published by Multiples, Inc., New York, USA
very fine – excellent copy, with only light bumping at left top spine corner, light scuffing on backside couver
€ 880,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail

First and only edition of this photographic record of air quality, with ten full-page images in colour depicting Southern California light passing through the smog of Los Angeles. The artist’s signature is printed on the rear.

When this artist’s book is offered for sale, the condition is usually poor. This explains why prices may vary. The copy offered here is in a more than pleasant condition, i.e. used while paging has been done carefully without paper denting.


History of prices:
Specific Object, New York, USA July 2023 US$ 800.-
eBay-moplen2003, Sankt Augustin, Germany 1 July 2020 € 550,-
Piasa, Paris, France 2 December 2015 € 877,- (hammer price)
Bauman Rare Books, New York, USA May 2013 US$ 1,500.-

CHARLOTTE MOORMAN, untitled, n.d. [photostat between 1965-1970]


CHARLOTTE MOORMAN, untitled, n.d. [between 1965-1970]
30,8 x 22,5 cm
photostat on heavy brown card board
verso: signed
signature on sticker with red coloured stamp ‘Vertrieb durch Reflection Press / Stuttgart 61, Raichbergstrasse 7’
published by Vertrieb durch Reflection Press, Stuttgart, Germany
splendid condition, extremely well conserved, framed behind anti-UV glass
very rare
€ 1.450,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.ChMoor 321-pr

Charlotte Moorman had been found guilty of indecent exposure and given a suspended sentence for performing naked.

This picture was probably taken during the ’24 Stunden happening’ in Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal in June 1965. The camera in the background appears in several other photos taken during this performance.


Added information:
The picture below was taken during the same performance, hence the presence of the same camera on the lid of the piano at the background. It is a documentation by Studio Montespecchio (Montese, Italy) describing a photo copy (by a photostat machine) mounted on thick cardboard as well and has also been published by Vertrieb durch Reflection Press, Stuttgart in Germany.

JASPER JOHNS, Target, 1970

JASPER JOHNS, Target, 1970
27 x 22 cm / 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
watercolour pads and brush, plastic clam-shell box containing prints
signature in print
published by Gemini G.E.L., New York City / Museum of Modern Art. 1971
not available


This publication was produced in conjunction with an exhibition at MoMa in New York called “Technics and Creativity: Gemini G.E.L.” The box contains a catalogue with 364 illustrations of which 20 in colour, a catalogue raisonné of Gemini’s production and a multiple ‘Target 1970’ of Jasper Johns.



SIGMAR POLKE, Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!, n.d. [1969, signed postcard]

SIGMAR POLKE, Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen! [1969]
14,8 x 10,5 cm
offset postcard, here signed
extremely rare
published by Gebr. König Postkartenverlag, Cologne, Germany 
€ 590,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.SPol 000


This card has been published as part of a set of 10 and was not as such signed. Nevertheless in combination with the René Block poster ‘Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!’ this signed postcard may be looked at as an authorization of both this card and the René Block poster.