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Mar 152019
GERHARD RICHTER, cake plate, 1992 [cake plate]

This plate was produced for the edition ‘Obelisco’, 1992. Porcelain in glazed blue relief print, verso signed and dated ‘Richter ’92’ burnt in glaze. This piece comes from a series of ‘everyday porcelain’ produced in Kahla on behalf of the Cologne “Edition Obelisco” following the designs of contemporary artists and presented 1992 at Art Cologne.

Mar 042019
JOËLLE TUERLINCKX, X X, 1999 [le signe d'une croix 'X']

This sign of a cross “X” drawn by hand with felt pen, in duplo on two discs of glass and put on top of each other is the basis for reproduction of a series of unlimited samples. For display Joëlle Tuerlinckx suggests in the accompanying certificate to use a furniture piece, a desk, a window sill, to hold it in one’s hand or to put it on a shelf. The two discs are shown on top of each other with the crosses not necessarily perfectly fitting.