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Aug 312018
FANDANGOS - nrs. superb issue!, 1978 [magazine]

This 4-in-1 Fandangos magazine has been the last issue od a series of 11 publications. Contributing artists:
Raul Marroquin, Paul Carter, Julia Hayward, Jana Haimsohn, Darcy Lange, Antonio Caro, Baladi, Angelika Schmid, Jonier Marin, Montadas, C. Garcia, Tobe Carey, Klaus Staek, Jan Patric, David Zacki, J. Charlin, Eduard Bal, Sanja Ivekovic, Michel Cardena, Tony Morgan, Marjo Schumans, Ben D’Armagnac, Elsa Stansfield, Madieon Hooykaas, Jantje Tetelepta, I. Akel, Joshua Jansen, Relly Carlo, Nan Hoover, Tony Pegotti, Michael Krzyzanowski, Ger van Dijk, John Liggins, Bob Takes/Michiel Romeyn, Ulises Carrion, Jorgos Chronis, Michael Gibbs, Marten Hendriks/ Ad Gerritsen, Marianne Heske, Kirsten Bates and Taki Bluesinger, Jenna Van Eegan, Richard Hefti, Yves de Smet, Nikolaus Urban, Jan Hendrix, Reindeer Werk, Martha Hawley, Charlemagne Palestine.

Aug 292018
MUNGO THOMSON, Font Study (TIME), 2011 [artist's book]

Mungo Thompson: ‘The idea that it’s a standard-bearer is probably the reason—it’s “The world’s leading weekly newsmagazine.” I’m drawn to things that have accumulated some consensus, some cultural agreement that lends them an ease of reference. Something has to be familiar before you can attempt to defamiliarize it. At the same time I’m very interested in Heidegger’s concept of “the distance of the near”—the way we stop seeing common things.’

Aug 052018
YANN SÉRANDOUR, Folded to Fit, 2018

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Folded to Fit, 2018 84 x 59,4 cm (folded to 54 x 42 cm) silkscreen print, wooden stick (80 x 1 cm) signed, numbered edition 15 + 10 AP published by More Publishers, Bussels, Belgium This edition is made after a found herbarium-page, […]

Jun 182018
ANDY WARHOL, Cow, 1976 [wallpaper; black and white]

ANDY WARHOL, Cow, 1976 wallpaper 74 x 50 cm screen print in black and white text: “TRIM Andy Warhol” edition unknown considering its age the condition is over-all more than acceptable details on provenance available p.o.r.   This screen print comes with a certificate of […]