DAAN VAN GOLDEN, untitled, 2017 [Souvenir]

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, untitled / Souvenir, 2017
3 parts
screen print on fabric: 10,5 x 12,9 cm / gold envelope: 11 x 15,6 cm
condition: splendid
condition outer envelope “Souvenir”: smudged, verso crumpled
private collection
inv.DvG 000-pr

This gold envelope with screen print on vinyl cloth depicts a characteristic dark red Daisy pattern that Daan van Golden often uses in his paintings and photographs. There is no sign of origin.

A white outer envelope entitled “Souvenir” contains the edition. At the back side a ‘D’ in print refers to the first name of the artist. The envelope’s colour in gold alludes with the surname of Daan van Golden. The grey line frame on the white envelope suggests that this item was perhaps a thank object presented to people for their compassion, condolences and sympathy after Daan van Golden deceased in 2017. Both envelopes lack any form of origin of publication.

Outer envelope
12 x 18,1 cm
conditio: scuffing, stains, crumpled on left side
recto: text “Souvenir”, verso initial “D” – both in screen print