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HIRST, DAMIEN multiples

DAMIEN HIRST, Kids gift box, n.d. [ca 2014]


DAMIEN HIRST, Kids gift box, n.d. [ca 2014]
5,5 x 31,5 x 22 cm
cardboard box – comes in Other Criteria gift wrapping and ribbon – with 7 items: shopping bag “I Am Become Death Shatterer of Worlds”, “For the Love of God” A5 notebook with silver leaf on book edges, “Spot Keyring”, “Hirst Halves Game” (2012), “Butterfly Pencil” – yellow, “Spot Badge” and “Flip Book” – spin painting
edition unknown
published by Other Criteria and Damien Hirst and Sciences Ltd., New York, USA


gift wrapping:

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