HIRST, DAMIEN multiples

DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]


DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]
card size: 6,5 x 9,3 cm
print on balloon, printed matter, plastic seal sleeve
signed in print, hand numbered in pencil
edition 5000
published by Contemporary, London, UK
extremely rare


“Contemporary” or “Contemporary Art” was a monthly visual arts magazine based in London. Founded by Keith Spencer as a quarterly publication, it re-emerged under the title Contemporary Art in 1993. Around 2000 it started to offer special inlays like CDs and stiff cards signed in print and hand numbered mostly in an edition of 2000-5000. In spite of its high edition this rubber skull balloon edition is extremely difficult to find.

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