DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]


DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]
card size: 6,5 x 9,3 cm
print on balloon, printed matter, plastic seal bag
signed in print, hand numbered in pencil
edition 5000, here number 1230
published by Contemporary, London, UK
pristine; never used
rare in this condition
Margin scheme € 485,- + € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.DHir 022-pr

“Contemporary” was a monthly visual arts magazine based in London. Founded by Keith Spencer as a quarterly publication, it re-emerged under the title “Contemporary Art” in 1993. Around 2000 it started to offer special inlays like CDs and stiff cards signed in print and hand numbered mostly in an edition of 2000-5000. In spite of its high edition this rubber skull balloon edition is extremely difficult to find.

Advice on handling artwork
Balloons made of latex basically deteriorate in time, think of Piero Manzoni’s balloons and the condition they are in now. When exposed to open air the latex shrinks and petrifies; the chemical compositions added during the process of making change, apparently. Therefore this item has been locked in its original seal bag with as less as possible oxygen enabling the tiny balloon to stay flexible, even after one and a half decades. This is done without squeezing the balloon itself. As a result, one smells the strong latex odeur when opening the little bag. It is recommended to handle the balloon with gloves to keep it away from skin moisture that contains fat and salt. It is recommended to store this item out of daylight. KvG

History of prices:
eBay-Pop Flotsam Collectables, Roselle NJ, USA August 2023 US$ 1,900.- (Make offer)
Michaan’s Auctions, Alameda CA, USA 18 September 2021 US$ 240.- (hammer price)
Catawiki-user-3391bda, Italy 2019-2021 ca 280,- (estimate)