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Dec 032009


DANIEL KNORR, Pukapuka Tohunga Mahi Toi, 2009
16 x 23 cm, ca 2,5 cm
SC, inserted objects, Maori text, 240 pages, DVD
edition 168, numbered, signed
published by Clouds            US$ 200.-   November 2009

Daniel Knorr’s artist’s book ‘Pukapuka Tohunga Mahi Toi’ involves a process of mapping the city in which Knorr collected pieces of rubbish on the street. This material was interleaved into the blank pages of each book and pressed by a 200-ton press, embossing the objects into the paper. Each book sets out to respond to local concerns and histories and, for this reason, the text for the New Zealand version is entirely in Maori. The cover the artist used the typeface Churchward Maori, designed by New Zealand type designer Joseph Churchward. The book includes a video which documents the process of making the work.


DANIEL KNORR, Carte de Artiste, 2007 2007, book with pressed objects, CD, edition 100 with original objects
published by NBK / Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany                  € 160,-   December 2012