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HAMMONS, DAVID printed matter

DAVID HAMMONS, Rousing the Rubble, 1991

DAVID HAMMONS, Rousing the Rubble, 1991
HC, dust cover, 96 pp.
published by The Institute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1 Museum, New York, USA
€ 580,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.DHam 1144

For decades David Hammons consciously avoided the attention of critics, galleries, and museums. Meanwhile he preferred “doing things in the street.” In 1997 I visited Jack Tilton Gallery in New York. At the back office ‘hidden’ on the top of a cupboard an evocative elephant’s dung decorated with beads and the like was put there ‘for sale’, i.e. not really fanatically, so to say. Nowadays David Hammons’ works are reproduced in monographs and catalogues. KvG

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