multiples ROTH, DIETER

DIETER ROTH, Karnickelköttelkarnickel, 1972 [Rabbit shit-rabbit]

DIETER ROTH, Karnickelkoettelkarnickel (Rabbit-shit rabbit), 1972
21 x 10 x 19 cm
rabbit dung, straw
verso signed and numbered on label
edition 200
splendid condition
€ 10.800,-

Dieter Roth is known for his artist’s books, speedy drawings, sculptures and installations. He was an extreme example of a Fluxus artist using found materials, including rotting food, melt chocolate and, like in this multiple, animal droppings. He once said: ‘Wait, later this will be nothing’. He is known as Dieter Roth and Diter Rot.

This edition is in the collection of the Moma in New York, USA: Dieter Roth, MOMA.

History of prices:
Germann Auktionshaus, Zurich, Switzerland     € 11.500,- 11 June 2012
Christie’s, Zurich, Switzerland             € 8.625 (hammer price)/€ 10.350,- 5 May 2015
Van Ham Kunstauktionen, Cologne         € 5.000.- (hammer price) 2 June 2016
Van Ham Kunstauktionen, Cologne         € 7.000.- (hammer price) 30 November 2016 – nota bene: same edition number as auctioned on 2 June 2016

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