ELLEN GALLAGHER, untitled, 2005 [print, Contemporary edition]

ELLEN GALLAGHER, untitled, 2005
19 x 17,3 cm
offset, verso ink stamp
edition 3000
published by Contemporary, London, UK
private sale
inv.EGal 335-pr

Art magazine Contemporary published the following text about Ellen Callagher. It is not clear what the image is showing, but for certain it is about a critical point of view towards Sigmund Freud with suit and tie describing a woman lying on a couch in a rather exotic dress.
Ellen Gallagher often uses the recognisable or familiar as a means to seduce the viewer before confronting them with complex ideas that reconstruct conventional opinion. Gallagher became well known for works that subvert old-fashioned beauty advertising, from African-American magazines such as Ebony and Our World, in which she sends up the claims of the products to be a pathway to greater beauty and social acceptance. These works examine the human desire for both change and conformity and explore the symbols used to express this, the codes embedded within advertising. While these works focus on the language of beauty, the importance of symbols and codes is a recurring theme within Gallagher’s art, alongside her explorations into transformation, both as a literal subject matter and as the philosophical notion of constant adaptation and mutability.’

Contemporary, art magazine, Eliza Williams

Contemporary was a monthly art magazine based in London, founded and edited by Keith Spencer as a quarterly publication. It re-emerged twice, the first time as Contemporary Art in 1993 and the second time as Contemporary in 2002, but this time not limited anymore to visual arts. Once subscribed to the magazine each issue came with a print, with ink stamped signature and sometimes hand signed on sticker or just authorised with a text of origin.