FRANÇOIS DEY, Benjamin’s house, 2011

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FD2011benjaminshouseD206 FD2011benjaminshouseE206 FD2011benjaminshouseF206

FRANÇOIS DEY, Benjamin’s house, 2011
each ca 31 x 22 cm (installation size: 66 x 122 cm)
6 photo prints
signed, dated, numbered
edition 3

Swiss artist François Dey (1981) is attracted by the continuous flux of life in which nothing is basically fixed. Therefore improvisation and unexpected contexts make as much sense as well prepared plans and thought over constructions, whether in the physical reality or our mind. Also language is used breaking the laws of idiom and spelling which makes his written texts look peculiar and even shabby. For him it is a way to get out of the prison of too much treaded roads we already know of.