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Nov 151988

GERHARD RICHTER, ‘Kerze’, n.d. [1988 Goslar Kerze]
89,5 x 94,5 cm / 35.2 x 37.2 inches offset
signed, edition 250
published by Verein zur Förderung moderner Kunst / Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst, Goslar, Germany
available: signed poster with text in very attractive high quality frame

Gerhard Richter’s Goslar Kerze is a reproduction of a painting called “Kerze” (1982), although image mirrored. Originally this motiv was used for a poster designed by the artist announcing his solo exhibition in Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst in Goslar in 1988.


In 2004 Süddeutsche.de Neueste Nachrichten announced a sudden appearance of Gerhard Richter’s ‘Kerze’ signed with the names Joseph Beuys and Georg Baselitz. “At that time I signed for fun also with Beuys and Baselitz”. This was not done as a provocation, but more in a spirit of “foolhardiness”.



History of prices:
Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst, Goslar, Germany    DM 800,- December 1988
Auction House Ketterer Kunst, Munich, Germany       € 7.500,- November 2011