GERWALD ROCKENSCHAUB, Paintings 1984-86, 1988 [catalogue]

GERWALD ROCKENSCHAUB, Paintings 1984-86, 1988
catalogue with 13 colour reproductions + CV
offset print, plastic pin binder
13,4 x 13,5 cm
published by Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Sweden
used, even as such extremely rare

This booklet is definitely an artist’s edition. At least, this catalogue has that feel with its series of solely graphical images. An ultra short CV at the end of the booklet is a kind of spoiler. Gallerist Anders Tornberg worked closely together with artists like Gerald Rockenschaub. Hence Rockenschaub made the design for this publication and agreed on having a CV included.


Gerwald Rockenschaub is painter, techno artist and DJ. He is known for his geometrical and constructed oil paintings and sculptures of the early 1980s, being part of the Neo-Geo movement. In 1985 he made a similar painting (30 x 20 cm) with a white on black Neo-Geo lettering of which the first letter of his initials is mirrored.