GLENN LIGON, Untitled (Barber shop), 2009 [signed]

GLENN LIGON and others, part of Circle Jerk, Toronto, 2009
each 33 x 48 cm / 48 x 33 cm
16 posters, full colour offset, in cardboard folder
signed & numbered
edition of 50
€ 4.800,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered mail

Glenn Ligon is at the forefront of a generation of artists who came to prominence in the late 1980s with conceptually based work that investigates the social, linguistic, and political constructions of race, gender, and sexuality. Originally, the posters were clandestinely distributed on the streets. The posters found audiences by chance, provoking questions or reactions, with no didactic component to the street campaign.



CIRCLE JERK: 16 artists, 16 posters
As the name implies Circle Jerk is an ad hoc group of queer artists lending each other a hand. What began in 2007 with an original group of 13 artists has grown to 16 participants. Each artist has contributed a work from their current production. There is no specific curatorial premise; nonetheless the works connect with a shared attitude.Participating artists include Andy Fabo, Brendan Fernandes, Bruce LaBruce,
John Greyson, Daryl Vocat, Glenn Ligon, Stephen Andrews, Luis Jacob,
David Altmejd, Chris Curreri, John McLachlin, Micah Lexier, Peter Kingstone,
Will Munro, Ed Pien, and David Grenier.The posters were clandestinely distributed on the streets to coincide with
Art Toronto 2009 in late October. There is no didactic component to the street campaign. The posters found an audience by chance, provoking questions or reactions. A signed, limited edition was a fundraiser for Art Metropole. The set is packaged in a custom-made portfolio carrying case printed with artists’ names and the title “Circle Jerk 2009” displayed in pink text. The edition has been produced in a very limited quantity of 50 sets of all 16 posters, full colour offset printed, signed and numbered.