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GLENN LIGON, Untitled (Barber shop), 2009 [unsigned]

Glenn Ligon, Poster, public poster, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

GLENN LIGON, Untitled (Barber shop), 2009
48 x 33 cm
offset print; street poster
signed, numbered
splendid condition
€ 2.400,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail

Originally this poster was clandestinely distributed on the streets in Toronto. It found audiences by chance, provoking questions and reactions, with no didactic component to the street campaign.

Glenn Ligon is at the forefront of a generation of artists who came to prominence in the late 1980s with conceptually based work that investigates the social, linguistic, and political constructions of race, gender, and sexuality.

History of prices:
Swann Galleries, New York, USA US$ 2,500.- 14 June 2016 (hammer price)
Swann Galleries, New York, USA US$ 2,000.- 14 June 2012 (hammer price)

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