HENK PEETERS, Echt = Henk Peeters, 2011


HENK PEETERS, Echt = Henk Peeters, 2011
23 x 18 cm
hand written text on sewn facsimile catalogue “Henk Peeters”
signed, dated
edition 25
€ 420,- plus registered mail

Henk Peeters added the text ‘ECHT =” on 25 catalogues printed in facsimile and signed them. It is a ZERO / Nul catalogus from 1964 of which the pages have been sewn together on a sewing machine. It has a shape of a half circle following the outline of the depicted zero on the cover. Together with the other half on the back of the booklet showing the same outline te action forms a whole zero.
inv.HP 346

Ref. press release GEM, The Hague, Netherlands