JENNY HOLZER, Truisms, 2019 [stickers sheet]

JENNY HOLZER, Truisms, 2019
29,7 x 22,8 cm
double sided sheet: recto 12 Truism-stickers, verso various stickers (8)
firm book page from “Stickers Vol. 2”
edition 400
published by Rizzoli, New York, USA
inv.JHol 000
€ 145,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace registered EU mail

Stickers Vol. 2 deals with stickers about Punk Rock, electronic music, skateboarding, streetwear, graffiti, political activism, surf and BMX bike culture, fine arts and personal wisdoms of amateurs who tag the streets. This publication contains 16 pages with 125 removable stickers bound at the back of the book. These sheets include a list of artists including Jenny Holzer, Barry McGee, INVADER, Marylin Minter, Erik Parker, SWOON, FUTURA, Robert Lazzarini, Kenzo Minami, Kostas Seremetis, Kristen Liu-Wong, Anthony Lister, Ron English, Ryan McGuinnes, BAST, D*Face, Shepard Fairey, FAILE, Skullphone, Tara McPherson, Peter Schuyff, Swoon, & James Hyde, ESPO, a.o.

including verso 8 stickers: