JILL MAGID, Bring back The Glam, 2002 [digital colour print]

JILL MAGID, Bring back The Glam, 2002
29,7 x 21 cm
digital colour print
very rare
published by the artist
inv.JM 000-pr

This poster refers to an action Jill Magid called “Rhinestoning Headquarters”. She managed to get a permission to ornament four exterior surveillance cameras in police colours at the Headquarters of Police in Amsterdam, 2002.

System Azure Security Ornamentation is my company I invented in order to convince the Amsterdam Police Department to hire me on, as Head Security Ornamentation Professional, to ornament it’s publicly displayed surveillance cameras. Rhinestoned covered cams are permanent on the police building. Jill Magid


Added related information:

JILL MAGID, Rhinestoning Headquarters, 2002
ca 8 x 12 cm
digital colour print
flyer with announcement of performance on Friday 13 September 1 – 5 pm.
inv.JM 000-pr