JIRI VALOCH, Eye Piece XIII, 1978-1979

JIRI VALOCH, Eye Piece XIII, 1978-1979
29,3 x 21 cm
letterpress print
edition 40
signed, numbered
€ 480,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.JVal 846


This signed and numbered stiff paper print is not numbered, but probably it was part of the 10th Anniversary Hundertmark Edition box issued in 1980. The complete box was priced € 16.000,- at Hundertmark in June 2019.
Ref. Eric Andersen

Jiří Valoch’s works are not of the narrative kind. Basically he presents the reader a few words or a short text and the reader finishes the work as if a verbal puzzle has to be resolved. In all cases it creates relational images in the mind, playing with connotations of the used notions. It is a question of filling in the open space within a group of given data. With this he draws attention to what happens when one is ‘reading’ his given letters or words. In “Eye Piece XIII” the reader makes a sculpture above the print with movements of the eye. KvG