JOHN M ARMLEDER, AP [door sign], 1993-1994

AP, 1993-1994
enamel door sign (name plate)
22,7 x 16,2 cm, edition 6 + 2 AP
signed, numbered, dated
published by GALERIE VAN GELDER EDITIONS, Amsterdam    
€ 3.400,-

* John M Armleder made this logo composed of two letters inside a tumbled zero for AP Magazine published by Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam. Each copy was supposed to have a glued sticker with this logo on the cover. The first and only issue has contributions of John Tremblay, Claude Closky, Sylvie Fleury and Marijke van Warmerdam. A small edition was produced as an enamel door plate. Ever since a proof of this plate is mounted next to the entrance of Galerie van Gelder. For the Basel Art Fair 1992 he initiated a co-operation called ‘AP / Associated Publishers Ecart Editions’ with the following galleries:

Gallery Daniel Newburg, New York

Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne

Gallery John Gibson, New York

Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam

Ecart, Geneva