ARMLEDER, JOHN M multiples

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Furniture Sculpture 191, 1988 [cat-bed]

Furniture Sculpture 191, 1988
ca 48 x 38 x 12 cm
synthetic fur cat-bed
edition of 30
signed, numbered, dated
€ 4.200,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail


* For preparing his first solo exhibition in The Netherlands John Armleder
asked me to drive him around to all kinds of shops and places. In the Makro
– a supermarket for shopkeepers in the outskirts of Amsterdam – he was attracted
by a large bed for pets. Amongst other things one large grey blue dog bed was
picked out by him and taken to the gallery. He noticed a huge pile of smaller dog
beds as well and the next day a GALERIE VAN GELDER EDITIONS was made.

John M Armleder: ”Arrivé dans la galerie, je sus immédiatement que j’avais commis
l’erreur de ne pas m’en être procuré une grande provision afin de faire un multiple,
mais Kees van Gelder corrigea cette bévue et nous eûmes bientôt trente petits lits
(un stock de taille: où dormiront les petits chiens de la région ?) que je m’appliquai
à signer et numéroter.”

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