ARMLEDER, JOHN M multiples

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Untitled, 1998 [spirograph drawing]


JOHN M ARMLEDER, Untitled, 1998 [spirograph drawing]
34,8 x 49,8 cm (frame: 53,1 x 38,2 cm)
colour pencil, lead pencil
unique series of 25 spirograph drawings
€ 6.200,-

Before John Armleder made this drawing he first provided the paper with the imprint of an etching plate. He then used a spirograph to make each time a unique drawing in this series of twenty five sometimes very different drawings. Every time, at a certain point he left the utensil uncontrolled run over the paper creating a most surprising juggler’s lightness of the lines.

He once stated that for him when he has to think about how to make something, it is in the end every time no more than a performance. Here in this drawing, it is without any doubt. In spite of its uniqueness each drawing has been numbered as if it concerns a traditional etching; hence it’s etching-like fragile thin line appearance. This is certainly one of the most light hearted and musical drawings of John Armleder I have ever seen.

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