KRIS VAN DESSEL, Approaches, 2015 – 2016 [USB stick]


KRIS VAN DESSEL, Approaches, 2015-2016
5,3 x 8,4 cm
USB stick, numbered, monograph signed on certificate card, size:5,5 x 8,5 cm
edition 30
inv.KvDe 000
Available at Galerie Annie Gentils
€ 300,-

“Approaches” is an interpretation of 115 art works that are part of the private collection of Kris van Dessel. From each work he took the most dominant colour and turned that into a plain monochrome surface that may be printed by the owner of the USB stick on standardized sheets of paper varying from size A4 to A0. There is no manual for the printing process. The artist gives the owner the freedom to have the prints machine folded into an A4 size, making it possible to store all prints in the cardboard box that comes with the edition.