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KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Once around the sun – Vol. II, 1976

KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Once around the sun – Volume II, 1975
26,3 x 26,7 x 6 cm
offset, SC, book object
edition 150, extremely rare, only ca 8 were made
signed, numbered
published by Silver Press, Reykjavik / Amsterdam
Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam

This book is a by Kristjan Gudmundsson hand made book object while he was living in Daniel Stalpertstraat, Amsterdam during the seventies. The book object contains many parallel horizontal lines on each page. The front page states that each line is equal to seconds, id est all lines together represent the total amount of 29,771 meters it takes for the earth to once orbit around the sun; equal to one year. In 1976 the artist made volume I making use of the notion ‘time’ using dots instead of lines to visualize the length of the orbit around the sun.

KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Once around the sun; Volume I and II
Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam

The production of this self published book by Silver Press – owned by the artist – was very laborious and no more than circa 8 copies were made. In 1982 Ottenhausen Verlag in Aachen / Munich, Germany, took over the project and published 100 copies which were less voluminous than the original book object hand made by the artist. With the reprint the width of the spine of each volume is shrunken to almost half of its size, making the work less sculptural than the original.

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