KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Orsök og Afleiðing, 1974 [Cause and Consequence]

KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Orsök og Afleiðing [Cause and Consequence], 1974
32,5 x 33,3 cm (12,5 x 21,5)
Tipp-Ex correction paper on coloured paper, original frame
vintage edition
edition 10, here number 1/10
numbered, dated and framed behind acrylic glass by the artist in 1974
personal signature: Til Þoru og Kees, frá Kidda og Mísu’
published by the artist, Amsterdam
p.o.r., Margin Scheme

In the seventies corrections on the typemachine could be made with the help of prefabricated paper correction strips of Tipp-Ex. Kristján Gudmundsson used these strips couvered with a film of chalk to make drawings. He told me that he was intrigued by the fact that the result of the zigzagging lines he drew could not be detected on the strip from which he drew the lines with a ruler. He said: ‘The strip doesn’t have any memory of how they were drawn’, i.e. on the coloured paper in both a parallel and diagonal way, as shown above. Hence the title.

This copy is the very first one out of an edition of ten. As soon as the first one was ready and framed it was given to us as a gift in Daniel Stalpertstraat in Amsterdam, a place we frequently visited in the early seventies. KvG

History of price:
Galleri i8, Reyjavík, Iceland November 2021 € 3.800,- (edition behind acrylic glass frame)