KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Orsök og Afleiðing, 1974 [Cause and Consequence]


KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Orsök og Afleiðing [Cause and Consequence], 1974
32,5 x 33,3 cm (12,5 x 21,5)
Tipp-Ex correction paper on coloured paper, original frame
vintage edition
signed, numbered, dated
framed by artist (1974)
edition 10, here number 1/10
published by the artist, Amsterdam
€ 4.800,- plus € 32 track & Trace registred EU mail, Margin Scheme

In the seventies corrections on the typemachine could be made with the help of prefabricated paper correction strips of Tipp-Ex. Kristján Gudmundsson used these strips couvered with a film of chalk to make drawings. He was fascinated by the fact that the result of the zigzagging lines he drew did not have any memory of how they were drawn in a parallel or diagonal way on the Tipp-Ex paper strips, hence the title.