LATIFA ECHACKHCH, Untitled, 2012 [screenprint]

LATIFA ECHAKHCH, Untitled, 2012
21 x 29,7 cm
screenprint, 270 grams Zerkall paper
edition 100, here nr 178
signed, numbered on certificate
published by Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany
inv.LEch 000-pr

Reflecting on ideas of absence inherent in migration, French-Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch – having herself a diverse cultural heritage, living in France and Switzerland – made a sculptural work that to an extent ‘repopulates’ the island over the winter months. With the expertise of the renowned Research Institute Senckenberg, the island’s biotope was mapped. Based on these findings, Echakhch developed a project centering around the transient nature of life on the island and the fluctuation of migrating birds, and fabricated a number of kites in the shape of birds to be attached to the trees. The kites are made from plastic bin-bags, echoing the paradox of a nature reserve in an urban cityscape. The screenprint Untitled, 2012 reminiscences this outdoor event.