LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023 [edition CUT magazine about art]

LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023
ca 40 x 17 x 2 cm
plastic, thread, tea bag, 2 stickers
including CUT magazine about art, issue 26
edition 34
signed, dated, numbered
published by Cut Magazine about art, Amsterdam
€ 150,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace registred EU mail
inv.LMcD 000

For CUT magazine about art Lee McDonald made the above edition, all handmade. He seldom makes a work that is not tested by himself. Here, the owner of the multiple may test the parachute by dipping the tea bag in a glass of warm water to give it a bit of weight before throwing it into the air to see what happens. This means that basically 34 tests could be run by the owners, hence its title “Fragmented Test 2645”.