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Aug 172012



PAUL McCARTHY, Chocolate Nose Bar, [2000] chocolate, box
unlimited edition
Hauser & Wirth editions by Paul McCarthy, Zurich, Switzerland

“…Paul McCarthy contributed a huge brown inflatable rubber sculpture, Chocolate Blockhead (Nose Bar Outlet), which looks like a seated Pinocchio with a mallet for a head. Inside the sculpture round chocolate bars shaped like Pinocchio’s nose could be bought from vending machines, as if commanding the audience to buy lies. In Marijke van Warmerdam’s film, Flecks of Light, a skinny boy stands silently on the bank of a forest lake, the dripping wet pockets of his yellow bathing shorts turned inside out. On the lake a duck paddles by. ‘Does the boy jump?’ a visitor inquired impatiently of the guard. He replied apologetically ‘Sorry, no, he doesn’t.’ ”     Frieze Magazine about Expo 2000, Nov./Dec. 2000