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OLAF BREUNING, We Never Know, 2010

OLAF BREUNING, We Never Know, 2010

42,4 x 29 cm / 16.72″ x 11.44″
colour print
edition 20
certificate of authenticity
not available

Breuning possesses a vivid imagination with little, if any, reserve. Breuning takes us considerably further into the contradictions of his own position within the Western contemporary art world: problems of human existence are seemingly addressed, but, one often wonders, on the basis of what lived experience? With an undeniably self-ironic undertone Breuning confronts us with the consequences of a media-modelled, Pop-culture society. For this work, Olaf Breuning employs his signature technique of juxtaposing photographic imagery to create a fantastical composition of human and animal hybrids arranged around the planet Earth.

History of prices
Benefit Edition, Los Angeles, USA $350.- August 2012
The Archive is Limited, Amsterdam € 580,- January 2019

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....the real avant-garde is in the head.