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Aug 112016


OLIVIER MOSSET / George Maciunas, n.d. [heap of confetti ca 1969]
35 grams confetti as “Production Art”
handmade by George Maciunas for “Flux Dots By Mosset Total Art Nice”, in plastic box with label

In 2008 Olivier Mosset prepared a solo exhibition in Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam. Next to several huge monochrome paintings he gave an envelope to the gallerist. As part of the legacy of George Maciunas the heirs didn’t know what to do with the left-overs of the multiple box Flux Dots By Mosset Total Art Nice. So they gave it to Olivier Mosset who told Kees van Gelder while handing over the envelope: “I don’t know what to do with it, so I thought I just give it to you. You can do with it what you like.”

Usually George Maciunas only produced a Fluxus box when someone was interested in buying one. So this envelope with confetti originally comes from his stock.

In short this envelope with confetti is neither art nor just a bunch of confetti. These pieces of handmade “Flux dots” (a name Olivier Mosset would never use since he never considered himself to be associated with the Fluxus movement) were once meant to be part of a plastic box series called “Flux Dots By Mosset Total Art Nice”. In the end both artists have touched these particles; for sentimental and also historic reasons this piece could best be named Production Art.

inv. OMoss302