OLIVIER MOSSET, sans titre, 2012-2013 [sound post card]


OLIVIER MOSSET, sans titre, 2012-2013
11,7 x 8,8 cm
virtual sound post card
unlimited edition
published by MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland
Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam

May be obtained for free by clicking here Olivier Mosset
At the moment no sound support by Mamco!

Olivier Mosset is known for being part of the BMPT (Buren-Mosset-Parmentier-Toroni) group founded in 1968 and his huge monochromes as shown at the Swiss pavilion of the Venice Biennual. Less known is that he is a fervent Harley Davidson motorbike driver as one may understand when looking/listening at the sound postcard.


List of artists who made sound post cards for MAMCO:

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