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OLIVIER MOSSET, Sixteen Cardboard Toblerones, 2010

OLIVIER MOSSET, Sixteen Cardboard Toblerones, 2010

30 x 40 cm
HC, 16 pages printed with a die-cut model on each page, numbered, signed
edition 125 + 30 A.P.
published by Three Star Book, Paris, France          € 240,-  December 2010

In this book, the spectator can complete the work, or not. While the «Toblerone» sculptures are references to the Swiss national repast, and to the military bunkers that dot the Swiss landscape, their very repetion reveals their most interesting facet: context and origine. In a smooth act of near industrializing a sculptural process, Mosset has placed Toblerones in a long line of austere and culturally important places, as well as executing them in various media, from ice to steel. The book version is executed in one grey color picked by Mosset, and constitutes a form no less significant in the artist’s repertoire.

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