OLIVIER MOSSET, wallpaper, 2006

OLIVIER MOSSET, wallpaper, 2006
53 x 100,5 cm / 20.86 inches x 11 yards
edition 100
published by Wallpaper by Artists, Lyon, France
extremely rare
mint condition
Private collection, Amsterdam
Margin Scheme

With this plain yellow wallpaper Olivier Mosset continues his exploration of monochromes, a smooth manufactured plane with no more than one colour and its materiality. Although this wallpaper too is meant to be attached to a wall creating a monochrome colour field, here the roll could be looked at as a monochrome sculpture by Olivier Mosset. As a kind of DIY edition quite a few rolls have been used to create a monochrome wall in yellow by Olivier Mosset. Hence quite uncommon.
inv.OM 31