PETER VAN DE KLASHORST, This show is not against art, 1987 [flyer]


PETER VAN DE KLASHORST, This show is not against art, 1987
29,7 x 21 cm
Dutch text on paper, flyer, top corners are punched
published by Galerie Hans Gieles, 1987 (May)
inv.PKlas 294-pr

Peter van de Klashorst the Enfant terrible in the Dutch art scene of the eighties was one of the few artists that shared his thoughts with the public by means of a statement. Here Peter van de Klashorst (a name he later shortened into Peter Klashorst) comments on an exhibition at Galerie Hans Gieles:
This show is not against art; rather I am interested in regressing the zone beween art and non-art, the zone in which non-art seems to beg to become art and art seems to slum in non-art. In this zone, art seems eternally young forever at a frish [sic] start. It is really a zone of fantasy – which is exactly what Panofsky thought Dürer’s ornamental decorations fort the Gebetbuch finally amounted to: a fantasy of art as a zone of totally free activity, that is, activity unconditioned by anything but its own impulses.
This text on paper hung in his solo exhibition at Galerie Hans Gieles, hence the pin holes.