RAPHAËL LANGMAIR, Again (Monochrome), 2022

RAPHAËL LANGMAIR, Again (Monochrome), 2022
16,5 x 25 x 3 cm
2 burnt slices of bread, cardboard box, ink stamped text
signed, numbered, dated
edition 5
published by the artist
€ 150,-
inv.RLan 1146
In several works Raphaël Langmair deals with duplications. He finds an object and makes a replica, although differently from its original. In the past he used ink of an octopus for making one in print of that same octopus. In another work he takes a fruit market crate and rebuilds it into a triangle shaped one.
Recently one morning he burnt his toast. He took another slice of bread in order to make a toast again. While waiting he decided to burn deliberately the next one as well that brought him two burnt toasts that he turned into a piece, hence the title of this edition: “Again”. KvG