SIGMAR POLKE, Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!, 1969

SIGMAR POLKE, Hoehere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!, 1969
96 x 72 cm (93 x 68,5)

offset print on thin paper, framed behind anti UV-light glass
edition unknown
published by Edition René Block, Berlin, Germany
pristine condition, extremely rare (until today TAIL never detected this edition on internet or sites of antiquarians)
€ 16.000,- + transport costs


Sigmar Polke favoured a plan to have a cheap version in print of his painting ‘Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen!’ Both the painting and the print caused irritation of the public.

This is printed matter on remarkable thin paper and may be considered as a work on its own. The painting has been photographically reproduced with several additions to its original and so to its all-over appearance. In the lower part of the reproduced painting in the print a hue-like horizontal shadow (in text part) causes depth and a kind of snapshot-like liveliness. With the shadow lines of dots on the left and bottom around the work a second dimension is created; as if the light comes from the top right side. Hence more than just a mere reproduction.