SOPHIE NYS, Catalogue Version VI, 2012

SOPHIE NYS, Catalogue Version VI, 2012
21 x 14,9 cm
offset book, 392 pp.
signed, numbered
edition 20
published by Circuit, Lausanne, Switzerland
€ 385,- + registered mail

Sophie Nys is interested in history: art history, history of philosophy, history of the great figures of historical importance. This eclecticism is found in her work in the form of thematic declinations and variations. Never objective but always precise, Sophie Nys’ work discards historical and scientific linearity in favour of an approach based on intuitive research and free associations.

The volume ‘Catalogue Version VI’ is the complete version of a work in VI parts initiated in August 2001 and depicts hundreds of pages of photographed art works in museums and galleries, together with their name plates and descriptions.