STEVEN PARRINO, postcard, 1993 [post stamped card]

STEVEN PARRINO, postcard, 1993
stamp dated 30 July
14,8 x 10,5 cm
condition: diagonal fold, due to postal handling

A hand written text on this post card refers to a scheduled solo exhibition in Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam that took place from 16 October till 11 November 1993. Ad hoc in the gallery space Steven Parrino painted ‘Creeping eye’ (1993), made of lacquer and stitches on canvas. He installed the four canvasses touching each other making that wall piece into a size of 200 x 400 x 30 cm altogether. Years later just after his fatal motor cycle accident in 2005 this works was auctioned for US$ 575.000,-