SYLVIE FLEURY, Slim-Fast / vanille, 1993

SYLVIE FLEURY, Slim-Fast / vanille, 1993
15 x 18 x 10 cm
screen print on wooden block
signed, numbered
edition 250
condition: very good
published by Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland
€ 650,- plus € 28,- Track & Trace registered EU mail

A recurrent contamination of the masculine world and the feminine, of fashion and art or advertising is seen in the works of Sylvie Fleury. In the early nineties she showed in her first exhibition with John M Armleder and Olivier Mosset a pile of empty Coco Chanel boxes intuitively collected by her for years, because of its attractiveness as she once said. Her installations with shopping bags triggered people to call her the ‘Bag Lady’ at a certain point. Nowadays her work is described as political, but definitively her oeuvre does not lack a post-conceptual attitude at all. With the multiple ‘Slim-Fast’ she shows that the idea is very close to how the artist originally was attracted by the Coco Chanel mascara and perfume boxes, only now more rationally made with a tongue-in-cheek to Pop-art.

History of prices:
Piasa, Paris, France 27 September 2023 € 350 (hammer price)
Dorotheum, Vienna, Austria 10 October 2022 € 576,-
Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland August 1993 SFr 500,-