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CRAGG, TONY prints

TONY CRAGG, Untitled, 1994 [6 etchings Griffelkunst]

TONY CRAGG, Untitled, 1994
34,5 x 39 cm
6 etchings on warm colored yellow paper
signed in pencil
limited edition
published by Griffelkunst, Hamburg, Germany
mint condition

inv.TCra 1025

This series of etchings has the following titles: Things, Autumn, Current, The Foggy, Desert and Vessel.

History of prices:
Dorotheum, Vienna, Austria € October 2022
Sturies Andreas, Düsseldorf, Germany € 950,- 14 November 2020 (hammer price)
Doebele-Kunstauktionen, Dettelbach-Effeldorf, Germany € 600,- 16 May 2020 (hammer price)
Catawiki June 2014 € 410,-

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