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artist's books SERANDOUR, YANN

YANN SÉRANDOUR, [Supplement] – A Needle In A Haystack, 2004


YANN SÉRANDOUR, [Supplement] – A Needle In A Haystack, 2004
24 x 17 cm / 23,9 x 16,8 cm
diptych card / printed inlay, offset
edition 50, neither numbered, nor signed as issued

This work comes with a catalogue raisonné “Specific & General Works” (1993) of Lawrence Weiner, of which Sérandour’s supplement is a derived version.

The price shown on the back of the book of Lawrence Weiner was 369 French francs, equal to 54,88 euros. Yann Sérandour seems to have said about the selling price of his supplement: ‘Les comptes ronds faisant les bons amis’ (i.e. “Precision in money affairs keeps friendship’), explaining the very precise price of 45,12 euros printed on the back of the diptych.


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